Fit Courts 2020 Summer 3 on 3 League
3rd-5th Grade and 5th-7th Grade Divisions
Boy League or Girls League


This is an opportunity to enjoy basketball in a fun and low stress environment while still learning and developing their skills. We encourage good competition and good sportsmanship during our 3 V 3 league. We ask that coaches do not “coach” the teams during play. Let the kids go out and learn on their own and have fun!


Individual League Signup $150/team
Both Leagues Signup $275/team

3-on-3 league basketball at Fit Courts in Cedar Falls, 924 Viking Rd. There will be 8 games in 4 weeks. We will offer an “A” and “B” league options for each age group (see registration), this will be dependent on how many registration we get in each age group. “A” league will be the more competitive.


League games will be run from 6:00-8:50
1st-Boys league will be Monday’s May 11th, 18th, June 1st and 8th
1st-Girls league will be Tuesday’s May 12th, 29th, June 2nd and 9th
2nd-Boys league will be Monday’s July 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th
2nd- Girls league will be Tuesday’s July 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th


Fit Courts in Cedar Falls, 924 Viking Rd


Will be released 1 week prior to the start date & will be emailed to the coaches. Coaches are responsible to inform the athletes and parents.


1. A team will consist of 3 players on the court and 6 players max on the roster. A game may be started and continued with a minimum of two players.
2. Teams will only be given a 5 minute grace period after their posted start time to have the minimum number of players required to begin.
3. All teams must have jerseys, pinnies or the same color shirts on for the games.
4. Games are 20 minutes in length. The clock does not stop and there are no timeouts.
5. Substitutions may be made after a basket or after a ball goes out of bounds.
6. The game is a half-court game with normal boundaries plus the mid court line defining the playing area.
7. The three second free throw lane rule will apply to all offensive players.
8. On a change of possession, steal, rebound, etc., the defensive team must take the ball outside the 3-point arc to establish itself as the offense. Even on an air ball, the defense must take the ball outside the arc.
9. Alternating possession on all jump ball situations will be in effect.
10. After a score, foul, or out of bounds the offense will begin possession at the top of the key.
11. The offensive team must “pass the ball in” before a shot is attempted (make one pass before a shot is taken).
12. There will be one official and one scorekeeper on each game. Players will not foul out of a contest. The referee may disqualify a player guilty of excessive, flagrant or intentional fouling.
13. There will be no free throws during the game. Each foul will count for 1 pt for the offensive team and they maintain possession. A foul in the act of shooting inside the 3 pt line counts 2 pts and 3 pts behind the 3 pt line (if the shot is missed) for the offense and the ball changes possession. A foul in the act of shooting inside the 3 pt line will count 3 points and 4 pts outside the 3 pt line if the basket is made and possession changes.
14. All TECHNICAL and INTENTIONAL fouls will result in one point and possession for the opposing team. (Ejection of player may follow)
15. If the game ends in a tie after regulation time, there will be a one minute overtime period. Possession will be determined by the alternating possession. Ties at the end of any overtime period will result in sudden death where each player on the court shoots free throws to break the tie.
16. Slow Play: There will be no shot clock. However, it is a violation to “stall” or attempt to “freeze” the ball during play. Teams are expected to develop their own pace of play and maintain this throughout the contest. Holding the ball or stalling will result in a turnover to the opposition.


Please contact Alex Oakland at 563-379-0936 with any questions.

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Fill out our form and waiver below to register a team for the FIT 3 on 3 Youth Summer League.


If registering multiple teams, please return and fill out this form again after completion.


If signing up for both camps, please notify Alex at FIT (Alex Oakland – 563-379-0936 – alex@fitcedarvalley.com) for any roster changes.



  • A tier is more competitive. Will only apply if there are a large number of teams.

  • Please add all team members below. A minimum of 3 players is required, maximum of 6.

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