The FIT gymnasium at 924 Viking Road houses 3 full-size basketball courts (or 6 youth-size courts) available for rent! These courts are ideal for hosting leagues, camps, birthday parties, tournaments, and other special events throughout the year as well as open gyms for basketball and volleyball. For any court rental or tournament needs, please contact Mady Mulherin at

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BreakThrough Basketball Skills and Decision Making Camp
“Iron Sharpens Iron” Wrestling Camp

Fit courts is excited to announce they will be hosting the “Iron sharpens Iron” wrestling camp here on June 20-23rd and July 12-13th. As the biggest K-12 wrestling camp in the country, Iron Sharpens Iron offers students the opportunity to be equally matched with other wrestlers from all over, offering the best opportunity for growth. This camp experience can be shaped to be exactly what you want it to be. Register using the link today! (

Uni Men’s Basketball Camp

Fit Courts is hosting the annual University of Northern Iowa men’s basketball camp. This will take place June 9-10th, be on the look out for the sign up date to be released and get your kids signed up. This a great opportunity for your boys to meet the men’s basketball team and learn important skills for them to improve their game of basketball. We can’t wait to see you there!



10 members maximum. +$10/additional member if court is reserved by a member's group.
When courts are not reserved, members can use courts at no charge.


Any non-member wanting to reserve a court individually or as a group needs to contact or fill out our Court Reservation Inquiry form.


What hours are the Fit Courts available?

Fit Courts are open at 5 am-11 pm Monday-Thursday, 5 am-9 pm Friday-Sunday. Court availability is contingent on previous bookings.

Can Non-Members use the courts?

Yes, during open gym times all participants must have a membership or day pass. You can book a court for non-member prices listed above. Waiver must be completed before using the gym.

Are there Open Gym specific times?

There are not specific open gym times currently, but anytime the gym is not booked you may use it. Court availability is contingent on previous bookings.

Can my kids use the courts?

Yes, must have a membership or day pass and must be accompanied by an adult. Kids 4 years of age and under must be in childcare.

What age can my kids use the gym without an Adult?

13 years old, kids 12 and under must be accompanied by an Adult.

What if I’m bringing additional children with myself and my children?

During open court times the child must have either a membership or purchase a day pass to play. If the child is accompanying a booked group they are able to play once a waiver has been completed with parental consent.

Do you allow spectators that are Non-Members?

Yes, spectators would be free of charge and require a one time waiver for incidentals. If caught playing they would be asked to leave.

What types of shoes are allowed on the courts?

Only indoor court shoes are allowed. You should have shoes to change into upon entering the courts.

Can I get a volleyball net set up?

Yes, please contact Mady Mulherin at to reserve a volleyball net. This ensures there is a time and space open for you to play. There is no charge to reserve a volleyball net during open court availability.

Can you do birthday parties?

You will have access to 1 full college court or 2 cross courts, curtained off for just your group. Our Birthday Party pricing is $150 for 2 hours for 12 children. Any additional child over 12 children will be a $5 charge.

Contact Mady Mulherin at for any Birthday Party request.

What if I have a group of people who are looking to setup regular/consistent times to use the gym?

Please contact and we would love to work with you and your group!


The availability calendar for FIT Courts is available via our mobile app. Download our app today to view court availability and reserve a court online!


You can also view court availability by selecting your time slot (30 or 60 minutes), choosing the day you’d like to view, and clicking the “search” button to view court availability. After a few seconds, a full list of Courts 1-6 will appear with their time slot openings for your selected date.


Fill out the simple form below to request a time slot for our courts.



The following are current procedures & policies for FitCourts regarding FIT Courts Members usage:

  1. Please inquire at the front desk or check your FIT App for court availability.
  2. The wall scoreboards are not to be used by Members – unless granted permission from management.
  3. FIT Staff or Management are the only individuals allowed to raise/lower hoops & dividers.
  4. Members may book any court – as long as it open, however 2 hours is the longest duration a member may book a court.
  5. Members are allowed to book court space up to 30 days in advance. (Bookings further than 30 days in advance must be approved by Management)
  6. Members may bring guests – as long as they have filled out a waiver, however there is a limit on how many members. (max.10) *subject to change*
  7. Payment due when booking. Cancellations require a 24 hour advance notice for account credit.
  8. Any Member wanting to bring a team, or have a practice of any kind at anytime, must do so through  (i.e. Team practice(s) are different than an Individual wanting to rent a court) 
  9. Members are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from using side doors, propping doors open, or anything that looks like this.
  10. ANYONE seen or found damaging property, will be removed from the premise immediately, by management
  11. Because of the amount of teams using the gym, please be courteous of our guests & understand many of these teams have minors & young children on their rosters. Please be aware of our actions when little eyes are watching.


The following are current procedures & policies for Fit Courts regarding team usage:

  1. When teams check-in for scheduled practice, the coach of the team will check the team in at the front desk.
  2. The wall scoreboards are not to be used by anyone other than MartinBros. Basketball or with the permission of management.
  3. FIT Staff, coaches or management are the only individuals allowed to raise/lower hoops & dividers.
  4. Coaches of teams are expected to set up & organize their practice(s) and tournaments.
  5. Coaches of teams are expected to clean up, put away & sweep the floor after practice(s) and tournaments. (please contact Mady if this is an issue)
  6. MartinBros. Basketball & 6-Pack Volleyball do utilize the two offices spaces connected to the courts – They are the only teams allowed in these spaces.
  7. Admissions, concessions & other components of the tournaments are the responsibility of the Team(s) organizing the event.
  8. Coaches & players are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from using side doors, propping doors open, or anything that looks like this
  9. ANYONE damaging property, please contact management first. They will be removed from the premise immediately, by management
  10. Any questions – contact management. See contact info below.


PLEASE Do not hesitate to CONTACT the following in this order if/when ANY Questions or problems regarding gym space or court rental:

Mady Mulherin (319) 531-0219
Devin DeGeeter (319) 269-2784